services handnote
From Dream to Reality

It can be a long process, depending on the project you have in mind, before you get to enjoy the results. But it's worth it! Some of the steps (for larger projects) are as follows:

    1.    Create a file of images and details about things you like.
    2.    Use my questionnaire to spark thoughts on how you
           want your lifestyle to impact your home (and vice versa).
    3.    We collaborate during the design process, creating a
           design that synthesizes your needs and desires.
    4.    We invite one or more contractors to estimate costs,and
           offer constructional perspective on the design.
    5.    Revisions if needed to adjust the design.
    6.    Designs are developed into detailed documents for
           construction, and okayed by you before completion.
    7.    One or more contractors give full project pricing, and
           one is hired.
    8.    Any final changes are made to drawings.
    9.    Drawings are submitted for permit.
  10.    Construction begins. Collaboration among you, the
           contractor, me, and any other consultants is critical to
           make timely decisions, head-off problems and keep
           the project on time and on budget.

  11.    Punchlist. You, the contractor and I walk through the
           project to determine final details to finish or change.
  12.    Relax. And enjoy the realization of your dream-  finally!